Joe Brent

mandolinist | composer

"One of the truly exceptional musicians of his generation, Joe Brent recognizes no boundaries the mandolin cannot breach, and thus seems destined to forge a body of work future generations will have to reckon with." — David McGee

it's news to me

This is Arunima Sinha. A few years ago she lost a leg when, while struggling against a would-be thief, she was pushed in front of a moving train. Two years after that, in May of 2013, she climbed Mount Everest. That same week, twins Tasha and Nungshi Malik also climbed Everest, planting Indian and Pakistani flags on the summit as a gesture of peace between the two countries. If you looked at the Wikipedia history of May 2013 (, you'd see it's so full of bad news, they actually divide it up into categories like 'Armed Conflicts and Attacks' and 'Disasters and Accidents'. But it's important to remember that things aren't always as bad as they seem, that somewhere in the world, someone is experiencing great joy, and that taking your own joy in that fact is a choice.

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