Joe Brent

mandolinist | composer

"One of the truly exceptional musicians of his generation, Joe Brent recognizes no boundaries the mandolin cannot breach, and thus seems destined to forge a body of work future generations will have to reckon with." — David McGee

i sure as heck couldn't do it

Subbing in a theatrical production is the most terrifying gig in all of music. You get to a certain level in this business and just about everyone can play their instruments beautifully, but "he/she is a PRO" is the highest compliment one musician can give another, and people who dependably sub in shows are the ultimate professionals. I'm reminded of this as the amazing Max Moston goes in for me for a few shows at Much Ado, a show in which he'll be asked to play mandolin and violin, in costume, with much of the score memorized, onstage, with no rehearsal, rain or shine. Max, dude, you're a PRO. 

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