Joe Brent

mandolinist | composer

"One of the truly exceptional musicians of his generation, Joe Brent recognizes no boundaries the mandolin cannot breach, and thus seems destined to forge a body of work future generations will have to reckon with." — David McGee

some days

I was in the south tower on 9/11. I can talk about it now with some sense of distance from it, like any other historical event. My experience of that day was as you'd imagine. You've heard the story countless times by now. There are many, many, many people with much worse stories than mine.

It's important to remember how we circled the wagons in the days afterwards. When the cellular service came back online, I had dozens of messages from friends making sure I was ok. I don't think I replied to them all. I should have.

The next few days, I was never far from the side of someone I cared about, who cared about me. I've had some hard times since then. I'll have more. My friends and family are as much by my side now as they were then. I'm thankful for each and every one of them, more and more each day.

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