Joe Brent

mandolinist | composer

"One of the truly exceptional musicians of his generation, Joe Brent recognizes no boundaries the mandolin cannot breach, and thus seems destined to forge a body of work future generations will have to reckon with." — David McGee

9 Horses debut album Perfectest Herald NOW AVAILABLE!

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The reviews are in, and the critics are wild about Perfectest Herald! "Brent's music is just bursting with emotion and its immediacy is partly what makes it so attractive and inviting... Brent is not playing the mandolin, but rather music on what happens to be a mandolin. Caswell's violin (and Hardanger d'amore) breathes, speaks and sings, while every note from Conley (including his extremely accurate bowing) is alive... this highly emotive music touches and communicates the essence of what it means to be an alive, feeling human being. 9 Horses is a very special group from which there is no doubt more will be heard and Perfectest Herald is a very special creative work. The only way to fully understand its depth and complexity is to listen to it, and this reviewer feels very fortunate to have had that opportunity." -- Budd Kopman, All About Jazz

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